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Popular  Things To Do in Rocky Point

Banana Boat rides: They usually charge anywhere from 10 to $20 depending on how many minutes you choose or how many minutes they say when they quote you on a price. They take you out in the ocean, not too far from shore. You hold onto the handles on the raft and at first, they start out slow, then they go fast and you hit those waves pretty hard. 

Bird Island: About 1-2/2 to 2 hours by motorboat from Rocky Point , there are many sea birds to be seen as well as an uninhibited encounter with sea lions.  Bring a snorkel or scuba gear and get in the water for some fun!

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Volcanic Formations of the Pinacate: Over 400 volcanic structures, including giant craters, a crater ring displaying a unique beauty and differing landscapes – some within a short hike and easy access, and others for the seasoned explorer requiring precautions for a longer journey!  Located in the El Pinacate and Great Altar Desert Biosphere Reserve. 

Kayaking: We provide 3 kayaks for your use:  a smaller one-person, a regular size one-person and a larger two-person kayak

Cet-Mar Aquarium: A great opportunity to observe many examples of aquatic life found in the intertidal zone and northern gulf coast of the Sea of Cortez.  Adults and children will especially enjoy eye-level display tanks teeming with fascinating marine life drawn from the local waters.

CEDO Center: The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, located in Las Conchas, offers informative lectures, kayak tours, nature walks, intertidal exploration and a variety of programs geared toward the local community and visiting tourists.

Fishing: What can be better than fishing in the Sea of Cortez?  From small, intimate “pangas” to fully equipped yachts, charter services are available for half-day or full day excursions.  Fees normally include fishing license, bait, poles and tackle.

Golf: There are 2 championship 18 hole courses in Rocky Point with 2 more on the way. Las Palomas Golf Course is in town and next to Sandy Beach. This is a wonderful and challenging course but not so challenging that it isn’t fun. Mayan Palace about 20 minutes South of Rocky Point has a Jack Nicklaus Championship course that’s a little more challenging but every bit as fun to play.

Jet Ski and ATV rentals: They are everywhere! Most vendors are set up on the sandy beach side near the condos.  Shop for the best price.

Restaurants: Just about any  special event or is this a romantic getaway? We can help steer you to the cuisine and budget that meets your needs.  Visit the Trip Advisor Restaurant Guide for the best places to choose from.  Some of our favorites over the years have been: Pollo Lucas, Combo Tacos, The Satisfied Frog, Wrecked at the Reef, The Point Restaurant, Al Capones Seafood and Pizzeria, Boo Bar and Casa del Capitan.

Scuba Diving:  Divers can explore the underwater world in the Sea of Cortez. A range of aquatic creatures inhabit these waters. Some of the top scuba and snorkeling spots in the area include Cholla Bay and Bird Island.

Shopping: Shopping is an important pastime for US travelers. Some of the best spots to look for stores is right down near Old Port on your way past the Marina. The shops line up for a good 4 blocks before you’re released to a plaza with some wonderful views of the Sea of Cortez. There are plenty of restaurants for you and the family to enjoy.

Ultra Light rides: They are everywhere! About a 20-minute flight for $40, well worth the price in our view. Flight paths vary.


There is something always going on!  

This is just a starting point of what to see and do in Rocky Point, Mexico.  

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